Kodgem Straight


STRAIGHT branded products are guaranteed for 1 (One) year KODGEM TECHNOLOGY against manufacturing defects provided that the principles, warnings and standards specified in the user manual are followed.


If any component of the device becomes defective due to workmanship defects within the warranty period, at the discretion of KODGEM TECHNOLOGY, it will refund the purchase price of the product, replace or repair the product.


Warranty transactions are only valid for transactions to be performed by KODGEM TECHNOLOGY approved services. Producer and seller companies are not responsible for the intervention of unauthorized, unauthorized persons on the device.


Returns, exchanges or Repairs are up to 20 business days. This period starts from the date of arrival of the device to our authorized sellers or company. If the device malfunction cannot be resolved within 15 working days, KODGEM TECHNOLOGY will allocate another device with similar features to the use of the customer until the repair of the device is completed.


In the event that a device with a warranty period has been repeated the same fault more than two or different faults occur more than four, it will be replaced free of charge in case of continuing failure to use the device and exceeding the maximum time required for repair.


General Issues Out of Warranty


Cosmetic damages such as scratches, notches and dents on the device;


Consumables such as batteries and adhesive tape, unless there is product damage due to material and workmanship defects;


Damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, water, flood, fire or other nature behavior or external causes;


Damage to a product caused by the combination of the product with equipment or software not authorized by the Company.

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