Frequently Asked Questions

Where can i get more adhesives?

You can get it from the "buy adhesive" section of our website.

Do adhesives lose effect when sweating?

Adhesives are anti-allergic and will not be affected by sweat or movement.

Is STRAIGHT waterproof?

No. Not waterproof but sweat proof. The charging port must not contact with water. But you can clean your STRAIGHT with a wet wipe.

What are STRAIGHT's privacy policies?

You can access our privacy policy at

What is the difference between EXERCISE and TRACKING mode?

Exercise mode alerts you when you slouched. Tracking mode does not give any warning, but in both modes your information is recorded. You can follow your stats in the Status section of your STRAIGHT app.

Which payment type do you accept?

You can only pay by credit or debit card. You can get your STRAIGHT here

How can I reconnect to STRAIGHT device from an IOS device to an Android device and vice versa with the same account?

If you switch from an iOS device to an Android device (or vice versa) using the same account, you must re-introduce your STRAIGHT device to the app.
To do this, you need to pair your device again by following the steps "(3 lines in the upper right corner) Menu-> Settings-> Connect to a New Straight".
(Make sure the blue light is blinking to make sure your Straight device is connectable.)


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